A peek into the past.

A few weekends ago I participated in a tailgate sale at a local church, and since I was there the entire six hours, I took some time to wander around and see what other people were selling. I came across some very old photographs, and the vendor said she found them in her attic, probably taken by her great-uncle who was a photo enthusiast way back in the day, and she sold all of them (eight total) for one dollar.

So I went to Walgreens and scanned them to make a picture CD so I could have them on my computer. (Warning: they charge eight bucks to make a CD from scans. Meanies.)

How amazing and fabulous are these?!




Just goes to show, you never know what gems you will find in other folks' throwaway piles!

Now that you've seen them, I guess I'll fess up and say that I made that whole story up. I found, through some random blog, a website with an image editor that turns your normal photos into extremely old-looking ones like those above. It's called the Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator and you will have to click on the link for the English version of the website. Gotta love the Japanese. :-)

It's super-easy to do, you just browse for the picture you want on your computer, click to generate the old version, and then right-click and save if you want. I think they look awesome.

Sorry for the little white lie, btw. I keep hearing about people who find like, unpublished Ansel Adams negatives at garage sales, and I sure wish that would happen to me.

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