Last ones, promise.

I've mentioned Photoscape briefly here before; it's a free online photo imaging program. Up until a few days ago I had just been using it to combine pictures into mosaics and have a little fun cutting up stuff. Then I realized that, as a photo editor, it has editing options. O_o

My friend got married in England two weeks ago, and I snatched some of her pictures off of Facebook to play around with them.

I took this serene, reflective pose:


And softened it, and added a regional focus:


P-r-e-t-t-y spiffy. Now I know how all those professional wedding pictures turn out so darn...angelic.

This next one I love, and I arrived at it because the best man on the left giving the toast had just been annoying me in all the photos, so I wanted to really focus on the bride and her signature laugh. Here's the before:


And I took everything out of focus but the happy couple:


Love it! And yes, I'm doing more of the hipster wedding stuff. I can't help it. One of the awesome features in the Photoscape editor is "film effect," where you can chose some of the old school film - Provia, Velvia, Agfa - and add its particular tinting and grain. I chose to do all the reception photos (as you see in the one above) in Agfa, because it has that beautiful greenish hue.

There's just one itsy bitsy problem with the whole carnival ride of photo editing, however...but I'll cover that in another post. It's late.

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