My Fuji had a seizure yesterday.

We went to the zoo bright and early in hopes of catching the animals alert and bright-eyed. Nikon came along too, of course, but since her kit lens only has a 3x zoom, we agreed that Fuji (with his 12x zoom) could take all those close shots, especially of those friends who are kept far below in pits for general safety reasons, like the big cats.

Unfortunately, Fuji's batteries couldn't handle the workload, and right after zooming in on an Andean bear, everything froze up. I couldn't turn him off, couldn't retract his lens, nothing. It was sad, but I was still glad that I'd gotten some awesome close shots - like the lion who veritably posed for a potrait, and the two giraffes who agreed to nuzzle each other in their photo op.

When I got home, I recharged the batteries and then commenced to downloading. But Fuji's seizure was worse than either I or Nikon had previously thought. All of the photos from the day now had a read error, and worse, he would lock up if I tried to view the pictures in picture mode on him.

Devastation is hardly the word here. Thinking that it might just be a memory card issue, I put a different one in to test. And those photos had read errors too. :'-(

Fuji is now lying in state in my papasan chair, for those who wish to stop by for a final viewing.


  1. This cannot be!
    Surely there is an intervention.
    We've been waiting for the expected awesome zoo shots.
    Gather the IT people.