Eeek! I've only blogged twice this month!

As one could assume, having a nine-to-five lessens the abundance of photographic experiences. Like, a lot. My poor camera is so forlorn.

I've got a four-day weekened coming up extremely soon, so hopefully I can share some Thanksgiving goodness with you, my friendly followers, and maybe even manage to find something new and interesting to photograph. (Fingers crossed on that last one)

Okay, I'm off to prep for the start of the Holiday Season! (Yaaaaayyyyyy!)


At the end of things.


Floating on
a slow-moving river

in the spring
or fall

stretched out on a raft
eyes to the sky

watching the light
blink through the leaves

perpetual afternoon

and I'm heading for

a mountainside cottage
nestled in green and yellow grass

or a turn-of-the-century
house on the plains

or open arms

and it may take me
an eternity to decide


that's what


will be.


Where to now?

I found out this past weekend that one of my favorite places to visit, Doughton Park, will likely be closed down in a sense for two years while restoration projects are undertaken along that section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Really not cool. It's become a perennial favorite, and I had big plans to catch the sunrise at Wildcat Rocks one morning next year and capture the awesome fog rolling over the mountainsides.

For a location as important as the Parkway, I know it's crucial for them to maintain it, to keep it safe, to keep it beautiful. So restoration was inevitable. I guess I just wish it could have been further down the road. No pun intended.

Oh well. I suppose this frees up a few days to visit a new place, and make new memories.