As this is my last day of unemployed freedom (hopefully forever!), I decided to head to Barnes and Noble and check out a few photography magazines. Popular Photography is obviously a major one, and I even caught sight of a little monthly photo contest I might one day consider. So, I came home and googled the magazine's website.

And there, on the front page - the Nikon D3100. O_O

Although it won't be released till mid-September, they wrote up a little review of it here.

Okay, seriously. I just got the D3000. I know that it doesn't have video and I guess they were anxious to rush out an entry-level DSLR that did have video, therefore upgrading the current one--but sheesh.

Whatever. When the day comes that I do upgrade, it will likely be to a camera in their professional line. Right now the one I have serves me just fine, even if I do get a little self-conscious seeing how every winning photo in these contests was taken with a "better" camera than mine. Which is a whole other blog post.

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