Winter storm.


(My roof today)

We have a winter storm gathering strength here that's not supposed to let up till sometime Wednesday afternoon. Lots of ice followed by lots of snow and wind. I've got food, heat, blankets, candles, and a fully-charged laptop, so I'm ready. =)


  1. Awesome picture!

    Were supposed to be getting a storm tomorrow - Wednesday, too. Hopefully work will get cancelled and I can catch up on my baking/recipes/posting.

    You'll be posting a whole bunch, right? ;)

  2. I'm bored to tears down here... living in the country is one thing, being trapped in the country is quite another...

  3. Thanks, Mel! Sadly...the snow did not pan out for my area. Just EVERY county around us, that's all. >P

    Clare, I'm pretty bored too. I'm keeping hope of a thrift shop trip alive. ;)