A plant.

There's a plant that I pass almost every day in the course of my work - a type of bush, actually, and there are several lined up all pretty in a row on a median leading to a stoplight. As I usually pass them when the sun is setting and golden light is thrown all around, their fluffy, fuzzy cream tips glow fantastically. And since the stoplight is red for far, far too long, I get to stare at them and wish I could photograph them.

But, I don't want to create another unfortunate, awkward, or embarassing moment, so I haven't planned a way to somehow park the car on the side of the road, sprint to the median, and expose my craft to the average person's glass-eyed curiosity and inevitable honking. So I've never gotten a picture.

And then, one day, I drove to a place I've been dozens of times on the other side of town - and there they were. Along a sidewalk I've traveled dozens of times. Now, how do you like that?