In honor of my actually very pretty new blog template, I thought I'd talk briefly about my obssession with trees.

No, not learning about them, growing them, saving them...just taking pictures of them.


(Fuji, f/4, 1/340 sec., ISO-64)

What I've found, after years of taking random pictures of trees, is that I don't think any camera will ever truly capture what I see with my eyes. There is an experience of trees that can't be transmitted photographically, I don't think. Also, all of the photos tend to look the same. :-\

There are better ways to capture them, however, such as part of a landscape.


(Fuji, f/2.8, 1/58 sec., ISO-64)

I love those photos of lush tree-lined paths (especially in autumn), and wish I knew of a place like that personally.

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