A day in photo land.

Today, a small victory - because I found it so strange that the photography section at Barnes & Noble now only had books of photo collections, I went and asked about it, a bit indignantly. Okay, not indignantly. But guess what? The technique/technical books were just moved! I immediately salivated. Really.

I couldn't spend too much time perusing today, but I'm going to go back tomorrow. I can't afford to buy any of them, so I will also be bringing a pen and notebook.

Funny story - I follow Kelly Clarkson on twitter and she posted a pretty awesome picture of a flower. I asked her what camera she uses, and to NOT say that she used her phone. She tweeted back and said she used her iPhone. Aaaaargh! (And wooo!)

I finally took the one roll of black and white film from my vacation to be developed, and this is the day the machine malfunctions. SIGH.

I went to Michael's craft store in search of a portfolio binder, since I only in the last year or so realized that they have, like, EVERYTHING an artsy person could want. And what do you know, they had an 8x10 binder and it was forty percent off! Snapped it up.

And lastly, I applied to Lifetouch for a Photographer Sales Specialist position. It was posted weeks ago, and online applications never work, and it's commission on top of that. So I ain't holding my breath. But at least I got the practice, right? Uh-huh.

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