Yes, it's late at night.

I can't sleep so I'm googling photography stuff. My cousin was a photographer's assistant several years back. I asked how she got the gig and she said the guy (gal?) had seen some of her work. Now, she has not only traveled to all the major spots in Europe but has also lived in Peru and currently calls the Dominican Republic her home. She has some stuff to work with. I, well, typically don't...

I figure you have to have gone to school for photography to really land an assistant job. Or, in the case of my cousin, stumble upon a photographer while flipping through your portfolio?

After reading through a few professional photographer's blogs, however, it sounds like they do value hard work, willingness to learn, and a natural creativity, sometimes more than a degree (except in the case of first and second assistants). Which is nice. Lord knows expecting every single person to have picked the perfect career path before entering college is asking too, too, too much.

Sadly, whilst perusing those blogs and seeing their portfolios, I also got a case of the not-good-enoughs.

Next, I decided to see how much Photoshop costs. Um, $600? This means I'll never own it.  (Of course my cousin has it) Even though I'm sure Adobe has the market on all the best editing (including awesomely old photos!), I'll have to stick with trying to take great pictures in the first place. (More on the philosophical pitfalls of editing later)

Sigh. Well. That's all.

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