Almost, but not quite.

Firstly, hope you like the new banner!

So. You know those photos that you love so much and really want to do something with, but you can't because at the end of the day they're totally imperfect? Those make me sad.

Exhibit A:


One of my all-time favorites, when my new camera was really being put to the test for the first time. The problem is? Noise. I had the ISO set on 400 when it still should have been at 200, or even 100. I've posted previously about the marvels of noise reduction software, but in the darker regions where the noise is most noticeable, reducing it leaves the edges a little too unrefined, almost kind of gummy, for lack of a better term. Not noticeable in small format, but when blown-up, it likely would never sell.

Exhibit B:


Same day, same place (Doughton Park). I love the color palette, the sunlight washed over the tips of the grass, the arrangement of the elements. The problem is? Obviously, it's too dark. This is the type of environment that HDR was made for. Had I known what it was at the time, I would've taken two or three shots at different exposures and stitched them together later in PS. Raising the exposure compensation on-site, which I did try, just took away the general mood of the scene; everything didn't need lightening. This is the kind of photo I would put in my portfolio at the front, but unfortunately....it's almost, but not quite.

Hope you're having a great Sunday! Go Steelers!