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Being a working woman again, I no longer have long days at my disposal in which to laze about and dream up another photo opportunity (let alone execute it). So it seems I may have run out of photos for a minute. I am looking forward to attempting to attend the balloon glow in Forest Park next Friday evening, but traffic during the Balloon Race weekend is notoriously heinous and hellish, so it all depends on several factors.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of what I read around the web about photography, or blogs/sites I visit to be inspired by photos.

Light Stalking Photography Blog - they have articles on just about every photographic issue you can think of, and while some posts are a bit short (or short on promised info), the aggregate knowledge you can gain is amazing. They usually include relevant photos from the cream of the crop. Plus, it is the only blog in which the "other posts you might like" feature is actually useful to me. You could peruse the site for hours without noticing the time pass, so arrive ready to learn!

Craig Photography by John - I've perused Google many a day for personal photography blogs that inspire me, and this is really the only one that succeeds. He's a photographer and a writer, just like me; he philosophizes and gets carried away by ideas, just like me. I only recently found his blog so I have lots more to read, but I admire him, I really do. Plus, it seems he's married to a photographer, which is totally my goal in life.

The Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest - everything there is to learn here is spoken through images. When I lost my job and decided to really focus on photography, this was probably the very first website I came to. And I go back, again and again, to be inspired.

Back Porch Musings - when I was new to my first successful blog (in that I didn't abandon it two weeks in), Pat's blog was chosen as a Blog of Note, and that's how I found it. She's an on-the-go retiree who has quite the knack for interior design and something known as "tablescapes." She also has a pretty nifty camera. Her photographs are a masterclass in simplicity and clean lines and allowing the subjects to speak for themselves. Every now and then she also posts photos from the Lake of the Ozarks, like this gorgeous set here, or other day trips around the bi-state area. Even though I don't do a lick of designing or table-setting myself, I keep coming back to her blog, and I am so happy she has come over to see mine! (Hi Pat!)

Walk Into a Moment - a union of poetic thoughts and photographic images. I sure do wish they'd post more often.... *sigh* (and more pictures!!)

Ken Rockwell - he is a fiend. He shoots straight from the hip. He does not apologize. He has reviews of what looks like every single camera and piece of equipment on the market - done by him. And he has long, rambling, repetitive posts about how being a true photographer is all about YOU, not the camera. You walk away breathless and revived. When you have an hour or ten, stop by.

Digital Image Cafe - they have a daily photo contest (among other things) and I like to check in every now and then to keep an eye on the photos that win.

Kodak Picture of the Day - ibid.

That's all for now.

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