Alright, my quote-unquote professional blog is looking much better now. I knew I had to get rid of the template I picked on a whim; I wanted something nice and white with clean lines. This place is just for fun. I also finally made some pages ("About," "Contact," those kinds of things) which look cool and I always wanted them, just never really gave a conscientious effort. (Story of my life) So check it out anew if you will! Link is in the sidebar.

Alsoooooo drum rollllll...

I have a job - a "gig" if you will - the middle of next month. Yeah, a photography job. I'm serving as assistant and photographer to a woman who is active in my mom's foundation; we're going to Louisiana and Texas to make a few historical stops, and I will just be snapping away! Only thing that sucks is that there is no way I'm packing my tripod, so I hope there are no important low-light or night shots. Hmm, can you rent tripods?

Anyway, other than that I'm still trying to pretend I have a business mentality and do things that will drive people to my Etsy site. Plus look for work, edit a book, and snoop out other ventures.

So I haven't taken one single picture since the zoo. :-\

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  1. awesome! A gig sounds like great fun :)

    I think my sister and I might start an etsy together... but I'm not sure... can you tell me how it works again? I really want to start getting my stuff out there.

    ALSO, you were so right about the 13 project, lol. I do just want to get them all done asap! I set the 1 a month thing though so I don't lose interest and only get 5-6 done, lol. 13 is a pretty big project for me. AND, no I can't write patterns, lol! I'm WAY too lazy for that. I've never got a recorder either... but I know how that would go... "magic ring with 15 stitches, dc 1 increase 1 across, OM-gosh, Justin someone buried Bones and Hodgens alive! Wait, where was I?"