Saddest story ever.

In kindergarten, our field trip was to - where else? - the city zoo. I had a toy camera that came preloaded with pictures of zoo animals, and when I clicked the "shutter" it would flip to a different picture.

Well, being a kindergartener, I wanted to take this camera on the field trip and capture the lions and tigers and bears. My mom, as I recall, seemed really annoyed whenever I badgered her for permission to do this, but she finally relented.

So, we got to the zoo and I stood before the zebras or camels and click! And the picture wasn't what I was looking at...it was of some hairy monkey or something. I was frustrated. You mean this camera won't take new pictures?

I was as devastated as a young tyke can be. I wondered again and again, why didn't Mommy tell me this would happen? Why didn't she let me take a real camera?

Well, I know why she didn't let me take a real camera, and I'm pretty sure if I asked her today why she didn't explain the situation, she would say she did. So that's a lost cause.

But I will always remember (of course) the intense feeling of disappointment and sadness that my favorite toy camera had utterly let me down.

And then! My best friend randomly decided to eat lunch with some other chick, so I sat in the grass and ate all by myself. I tried not to be sad. I tried.

Sigh. C'est la vie.

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